Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cyber Crime Today

Cyber crime today

  • Cyber crimes are any crimes that involve a computer and also a network. These computer crimes are committed intentionally to harm both individuals and groups.  
  • There are different kinds of hackers which penetrate security systems for both beneficial and harmful effects.  The motives for hacking are usually for either personal benefit, company benefit, or security involving private information.
  •  For example, “White-hats,” are hackers who hack for system improvement purposes for more than likely the company they work for, while “Black-hats” are hackers are the cliche invaders which only attack for personal gains using malicious tactics. “Hacktivists” are becoming more noticeable in modern times, which are motivated by political or religious reasons often exposing a sort of wrong doing. 

Latest hacks?

  •  In January 15, Yahoo was targeted by a Malware attack. Yahoo sent notification users about their accounts being most likely breached. The account was affected by a flaw in Yahoo’s mail service that allowed an attacker which most like was a state actor to use a forged cookie to gain access without passwords. 
  •  In February, Zerocoin had a coding error that let a hacker have a big amount of profit. The attacker many things to camouflage his tracks through different accounts. The attacker spread out deposits and withdrawals over the several weeks. This exploit happened due to a bug in the code. 
  • Online security/safe practices
  • There’s different way in where you can keep hackers away. People need to be careful with any link that appear without knowing that the link is about. Also you need to make sure to log out from any account and to always have your device by your side. Another thing is to make sure you create different and difficult passwords for different accounts that you will remember. Lastly, use anti-virus and anti-malware to be safe.

Video on phishing awareness:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Biometric gating of greenhouses: Good Luck Marijuana Bandits

Lusanda Nogxina

It’s no secret that the demand for marijuana is ever increasing due to lowered stigma and increased research regarding its beneficial properties. Most people however are more interested in its recreational uses, therefore meaning the demand for production is increasing yet not financially viable for legal growers as recreational users do not have access to their products and would rather run to their friendly neighborhood “trap house” then take it upon themselves to do it the legal was. Now the question is, where is our friendly “trap dealer” acquiring his product.
Without legal jurisdiction to grow, many small street sellers have resulted to “borrowing” supplies from legal growers without their knowledge, leading to many unauthorized people having access to medical grade marijuana at no cost but pure profit.

Enrich Tech Systems is paving the way to funneling these profits back into the legal system by using biometrics to restrict access to only those who are authorized. By using DNA fingerprinting, one can now not only close off the greenhouses to anyone who is unauthorized, but they now have a full database of who and when employees gain access to the greenhouse making it easier to identify these working from the inside.

Vending Machine dispensaries?

Published by: Lusanda Nogxina

The production of marijuana vending machines is the biometric safety net that the growing industry has been waiting for. The vending machines operate on a fingerprint and facial recognition system that identifies patients and will only dispense for patients with the correct requirements. The facial recognition system eliminates the possibility of people using other peoples’ information to gain access as it codes specifically to the patients details and features and will not dispense if any doubt is detected. This now gives growers a full online database of inventory, auditing and patient information that’s not subject to human error making it not only more convenient but more accurate.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Could Save Our Food

As the world's population is anticipated to increase over the years, the worlds capacity to produce food simply cannot keep up with the demands. With the Earth already being quickly contained by crop farms and livestock, space for additional production is becoming extremely limited. Although in the recent years, improved farming has allowed increased crop yields, the expansion cannot keep up with the population. We will not be able to merely plant more plants, or breed more livestock anymore without negatively effecting the ecosystem. A new solution must be put into place. As current technological automated farming trucks have been created, a number of forms are taking place to solve local issues and maximize food output. Moving into the future, Companies like Fermentrics  have began harnessing algorithms to detect cows body shapes, fermentation, and digestibility. The company is also working to apply their techniques to plants, which would allow targeted plant treatment, rather than barraging entire fields with chemicals. This will help lead to more effective disease prevention and will decrease chemical usage to reduce damage to the ecosystem. A hope for the future is a fully networked farm which would have direct access to weather satellites, to be able to foresee what the crops on farms may need. As the need for a food solution is near, farming smarter would lead to higher success rates with less wastage allowing more food to be supplied to more people.